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Strengthening understanding of how individuals, communities and places respond to water stress and how this impacts on the resilience of urban areas.

Cities across the globe are facing water crises. Rapidly rising populations, climate change and ageing infrastructures are combining to create long-term water scarcity alongside episodic shocks when public water supplies fail.

Around the world some 500m urban dwellers are currently estimated to live with water shortages, a figure that will rise to 1.9bn by 2050. This has far-reaching consequences for social and economic wellbeing and surrounding natural ecosystems.

In the face of mounting pressures, building resilience to water crises is recognised as one of the primary challenges facing human society today. In this section we draw on recent research to reflect on the actions taken by different actors to secure water supplies, what shapes these actions, the possible consequences of this and how this can affect resilience outcomes in both the short term and the longer term.

We focus on sub-Saharan Africa but include examples and lessons from other contexts.  Follow these blogs if you are interested in water security and the complex interplay between resilience and urban development.